TinyLily Mini

TinyLily Mini es un microcontrolador ultracompacto compatible con Arduino diseñado para desarrollar proyectos de e-textiles y wearables. Aunque su tamaño es muy reducido, tiene un Atmel Atmega328P  que es el mismo procesador que tiene Arduino Uno y LilyPad, lo que te permite realizar proyectos muy complejos.


At one twelfth the size of a standard Arduino Uno, the TinyLily Mini is smaller than a 1p coin and smaller than a CR2032 battery. In fact it’s so small, it’s easy to lose – so keep it inside its plastic bag until you’re ready to sew it to something. How could a microcontroller the size of a breath mint possibly compete with a full size Arduino? We put the TinyLily Mini through its paces to find out if this tiny board measures up.


The TinyLily Mini is available on its own for $9.28, or as part of a kit. We opted for the Starter Kit ($39.95) which comes with two TinyLily Mini processor boards, a USB adapter for programming, a battery connector, six sewable LEDs, and one incredibly tiny sewable button. That’s more than enough bits and pieces to create some interesting wearables, and more components are available on the TinyCircuits website.


Tiny Circuits TinyLily Mini http://tiny-circuits.com
Type: Microcontroller
Price: $10
Software: Arduino
Clock Speed: 8 MHz
Processor: 8-bit Atmega328P
I/O Pins Digital: 8 (2 PWM)
I/O Pins Analog: 4
WiFi?: No
Video?: No
Bluetooth?: No
Ethernet?: No
Operating Voltage: 2.7V – 5.5V
Dimensions: 0.55″ diameter
Memory: 32KB flash


The kit also comes with a quick start guide, which is very handy for programming the TinyLily Mini for the first time.


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